Privacy Policy

We at Payday Loans Jacksonville take special care to safeguard the private information that you provide us when applying for our services. We have made use of various advanced safety measure to ensure that the personal details that you provide us is never misused.

Generally, the information that you need to provide us when applying for our services at Payday Loans Jacksonville include your name, email ID, Social Security Number, employment details and so on. The only reason behind collecting such information is to help you find the right service that best suits your needs.

However, there is no need to provide any personally identifiable information at Payday Loans Jacksonville just to browse through the website for personal reference. By using our website you consent to the collection, use and processing of the information that you provide to us in accordance with the terms of the privacy statement. If you are unable to agree to the terms then please navigate away.

As we implement new technologies and improve the services and features we provide at Payday Loans Jacksonville, we may make changes to the privacy statement as well. Any changes made by us will be published in the website. Thus, visit us at regular interval to stay updated.